The Baltic Exchange is an organisation controlled by its members

Board of Directors:

Shareholders and nominated representatives of Baltic Exchange member companies elect representatives to serve as directors of the Baltic.  Up to 12 directors are elected by the shareholders and up to three are elected by representatives of member companies.

The Baltic Board elects its Chairman and Vice Chairman, each of whom normally serves a two year term. 

The current Chairman is Lambros Varnavides.

The Chief Executive (Jeremy Penn) is appointed by the Board. 

The Company Secretary is Clive Weston.

Baltic Board & Committee Structure 2015/16
The Baltic Exchange Limited
Baltic Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited
Baltic Exchange Information Services Limited
Lambros Varnavides (Chairman)
P C Over (Chairman)
S Albertijn (Chairman)
S Albertijn
D L Dunn 
D L Dunn
C Bacon (Ballot director)
J Foyle (Independent Non-Executive)
B F Goodall
A C Carroll
J Penn
P B Kerr-Dineen 
D L Dunn
P Stuart-Smith
H G Liddell
HJ Fafalios
C Weston
J Lollesgaard
B F Goodall

A R Wooldridge
J M Hadjipateras

P B Kerr-Dineen

H G Liddell

J Lollesgard

C J Nolan)

J Tsatsas (Ballot director)

L C Varnavides

A R Wooldridge FICS

Investments & Charities Committee
Membership Committee
Freight Indices & Futures Committee
L C Varnavides (Chairman) 
C J Nolan (Chairman)
The Directors of Baltic Exchange Information Services Ltd 
 H J Fafalios 
C Bacon
Ex-officio and by invitation:
Chairman - FMIUG-Dry
Chairman - FMIUG-Tankers
Chairman - FFABA-Dry
Chairman - FFABA-Tankers
J Tsatsas 
A C Carroll 

J M Hadjipateras

By invitation:
R H Goodall
E B Mavroleon

Baltic Exchange Ltd., St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8BH
Registered in England Number 64795
Tel + 44 (0) 20 7283 9300, Fax + 44 (0) 20 7369 1622.
Calls to Baltic Exchange staff are recorded
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