Forward Freight Agreements

Baltic Exchange information underpins the FFA market

FFA ship

The Baltic Exchange Forward Assessments (BFA) are a mid price of bids and offers for the dry and wet market submitted and published at 1730 (London)


Baltic Exchange Forward Assessments

Dry routes:
BFA Capesize (C3, C4, C5, C7, Cape T/C average)
BFA Panamax (P1A, P2A, P3A, Panamax T/C average)
BFA Supramax (Supramax T/C average)
BFA Handysize (Handy T/C average)

Wet routes:
Clean (TC2_37, TC5, TC6, TC7, TC12, TC14 & TC15$/ton)
Dirty (TD3, TD7, TD8, TD17, TD19, TD20)


What is an FFA?

Freight derivatives provide a means of hedging exposure to freight market risk through the trading of specified time charter and voyage rates for forward positions.



The Forward Freight Agreement Brokers Association (FFABA) is an independent association of FFA broking Baltic Exchange members formed in 1997 and serviced by the Baltic.


Baltic Exchange FFA Volumes

Dry and tanker FFA volume estimates. Dry volume estimates are published on a weekly basis while tanker volume estimates are published monthly. Historic data is available and goes back to 2006.

FFA Volumes

Baltic Exchange Settlement Prices

Settlement prices for the Baltic's wet and dry routes. Produced on the last working day of the month, the prices are calculated over a monthly, seven or ten day period.

Settlement Prices

Baltic Exchange Settlement Archive

Historic settlement prices available since January 2005.


Settlement Archive


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