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Companies join the Baltic Exchange for a variety of reasons.

For some, it is because they need daily access to our comprehensive freight market information services and are involved in the development of our routes and vessel descriptions.

Others become members because they require support in the collection of a commission or ongoing advice on late payers and defaulters.

For many, the real benefit lies in being part of a renowned international bulk shipping institution whose motto “our word our bond” underpins their shipping activities.

Whether your company is large or small, if it is a quality operation and involved with the dry or tanker freight markets, membership of the Baltic Exchange will enhance its standing and provide access to key market intelligence.   

To discuss joining the Baltic Exchange, please contact:

Robin King (Head of Marketing) E:
Maria Tierris (Greece) E:
Marcus Lee (China) E:
Chris Jones (Asia) E:

Membership of the Baltic is open to companies operating in the bulk shipping markets

Join the Baltic Exchange today and benefit from:

  • Access to independent freight information
  • Recognition as a reputable business in the bulk chartering markets
  • Support with disputes
  • Regular international networking opportunities

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Data only subscription

Companies and individuals can elect to subscribe to Baltic Exchange data without becoming full members. Baltic Exchange members receive Baltic data at a discounted rate.

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For one week you will be able to access all of the Baltic Exchange’s daily freight market information services including all published wet and dry route rates, fixture lists, market reports, forward prices and second hand ship values. Please note that historical data is not included as part of the trial. 

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