A seat at the table

All members are entitled to have their input into the future development and direction of Baltic freight market information through membership of the Freight Market and Futures Consultative Group.  Relevant members also have input via the FFA Brokers Association or the users’ groups - divided into wet and dry markets.


Recovering money for members

This free service collects monies owing on behalf of members for unpaid commissions, demurrage claims and arbitration awards that have not been honoured.  Defaulting companies are listed on and are sent to members.


Valuable network of contacts in a self-regulated market

Membership of the Baltic means membership of the market and provides invaluable contacts across the international shipping industry.  Members are listed in a regularly updated directory and include shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers, traders as well as a host of related maritime service companies such as maritime lawyers, ship financiers, arbitrators and P&I clubs.



Baltic members network regularly through the many sports and social clubs. The Baltic also organises meetings, forums and briefings around the world throughout the year.


In good company

Members of the Baltic include shipowners & operators,shipbrokers, P&I clubs, banks, charterers, law firms, arbitrators, publishers from over 600 companies.


Freight market data

Companies can access Baltic Exchange data either as subscribers or at a reduced rate as a member. 

We provide:

  • Seven daily wet and dry indices
  • 50+ separate route assessments 
  • Settlement prices
  • Mark-to-market information
  • Four dry cargo reports
  • Baltic Sale & Purchase assessments
  • Daily dry cargo fixture list 
  • Searchable fixture database
  • LPG route assessments
  • Historical index and route rate database
  • Charting facilities
  • Downloadable raw data
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