The course is presented through a mixture of lectures, presentations and group workshops. Full and comprehensive study notes will be provided which will offer a valuable source of reference during and after the course.


Who should attend?


This is an entry level course aimed at providing the attendees with a thorough understanding of the issues involved in chartering a vessel. The course is attended by individuals working for shipowners and ship broking firms as well as oil majors and chemical companies.




April 2013 (London)




The cost of the four days is £2040 per person, fully inclusive of UK Value Added Tax, tuition, refreshments, and lunch each day. Accommodation is NOT included but our nominated travel agency company would be pleased to suggest alternatives in London at a range of prices.

Practical Tanker Charting


This four day “hands-on” course focuses on providing attendees with a practical overview of the business of chartering dry bulk carriers. Delivered by a range of shipbrokers, chartering managers and consultants, this course covers all stages of fixing a vessel.

Practical Tanker Charting
Course Leaders
Colin Pearce
former Tanker Chartering Manager
Agelef Tanker Chartering
David Chapman
Chartering Manager
Dr Chao Wu
Legal Director
Thomas Miller P&I
Duncan Dunn
Business Development Manager
SSY Futures
Graham Harris
Thomas Cooper & Stibbard
Jim Gretton
Braemar Seascope
John Doviak
Cambridge Academy of Transport
Pat Tye
Senior Analyst
EA Gibson Shipbrokers
Phil Stalley
Demurrage Manager
BP Oil International 
Robert Porter
Managing Director
Worldscale Association (London)
Tony Dixon
Braemar Seascope



Tanker Market Overview
Charterer's Operational Criteria

Workshop 1: 
Evaluating and selecting ships and cargoes Delegates split into groups, are given a number of orders and vessels and asked to advise their principal on which business to work and why.
- The Worldscale System

Workshop 2: 
Practical Applications of Worldscale
- Forward Freight Agreements for the Tanker Trades     
- Negotiating: Offers, Counter-offers and Subjects
- Voyage Estimating Principles
- Voyage Estimating Practical Examples
- Legal Principles of Charter Parties and BL’s
- Tanker Charter Parties: Special and Additional Clauses
- Laytime and Demurrage Principles

Workshop 3:
Laytime and Demurrage Practical Exercises
- Post Fixture Operations & Payment of Freight,
  Hire and Commission Clauses
- Pollution Liabilities and Legislative Regimes

Workshop 4:
Fixing a Ship: The entire process of fixing a tanker, collecting and evaluating offers, voyage estimating, advising principals, negotiating rates, subjects, drawing-up the charter party and putting it into operation. Calculating the Time Charter Equivalent
(TCE) , Rate and Cost sensitivity.


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