The EU BMR requires benchmark administrators to publish a benchmark statement (Article 27) for each benchmark that is provided.

For the purposes of preparing the benchmark statement, the Baltic has grouped its indexes into families of benchmarks. Each family of benchmark is determined from input data of the same nature which provides measures of the same or similar market or economic reality.

To assist users, the benchmark statement should be read in conjunction with the methodology and benchmark policies contained within the Guide to Market Benchmarks (GMB).

A list of the family of benchmarks and their accompanying benchmark statements can be found below:

In accordance with the Guide to Market Benchmarks, the Baltic has prepared a statement to assist users when using forward curve assessments for risk management purposes. This statement should be read in conjunction with the forward curve methodology and specifications contained within the Guide to Market Benchmarks. This forward curve statement is not considered a benchmark statement pursuant to Article 27 of the EU BMR.