Introduction of non-display policy at Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange (Baltic) is introducing a non-display usage (NDU) policy for customers who are receiving data via data vendors.
Please ensure that your customers receiving Baltic Data are aware of the new policy (as described below)

Any existing data vendor customer using Baltic Data for non- display purposes must complete the 
Baltic Customer Declaration Form  by 1 June 2023.

Customers can also contact [email protected] directly to receive this form.
Failure by any such customer to complete and return the form to Baltic may result in the termination of the datafeed for that customer.
New customers using the Baltic data for non-display usage must complete the declaration form prior to receiving the data.

The customer will be charged directly by the Baltic for that usage. The charges will come into effect from 1 July 2023.
(Customer usage charges for display purposes shall continue to be invoiced by the Baltic directly to the data vendor)

The Baltic Data Policy has been updated (section 4.4) to reflect these changes..

NDU includes but is not limited to:

1. Algorithmic trading/Black Box Trading

2. Automated order/quote generation

3. Execution algorithms

4. Hedging applications

5. Internalisation Engines

6. Market making applications

7. Order Pegging

8. Program trading

9. Smart order routing

10. Fund administration

11. Portfolio valuation

12. Quantative analysis

13. Risk management

Data Vendor customers should also be reminded that, in line with the Baltic Data Policy, section 4.2,

index creation or derived data creation is NOT permitted without first obtaining a separate license

from the Baltic. Customers should contact [email protected] for further information or for any queries