Looking to make a complaint?

Any individual seeking to raise an informal comment or, on rare occasions, make a formal complaint concerning our benchmark administration activities should follow the complaints handling policy set out in Section 11 of the Guide to Market Benchmarks. Individuals seeking to raise any other concerns should follow the process below:

Informal comment

This should be addressed by email to [email protected]

The compliance department will consider the nature of the comment and assess the merit fairly. The compliance department will provide a response to a Complainant and shall endeavour to do so in a timely manner. The compliance department will also consider if an escalation of the informal comment is required.

Formal complaint

A formal complaint should be made:

By email to [email protected]

By post to: The Baltic Exchange Limited, Complaints, 38 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8EX

If a Complainant uses another method other than the above it should be clearly marked "complaint" on the communication and provide the full name and company details of the originator as well as all available evidence to support the formal complaint. If any relevant information or supporting evidence is missing, the Baltic Exchange may not be able to fully assess a formal complaint. In such circumstances, the Baltic Exchange may contact the Complainant to request further information. If the Baltic Exchange does not deem a submitted query or dispute to be a formal complaint, the Baltic Exchange may contact the Complainant to discuss the matter.

Upon receiving a formal complaint, the Baltic Exchange will escalate the issue to the relevant department best placed to address the formal complaint and shall investigate, assess fairly, consistently, and promptly. The Baltic Exchange Chief Executive Officer shall also be informed of the formal complaint. All formal complaints received shall be treated in confidence.

The resolution time for a formal complaint will vary according to the nature of the issue and the level of investigation it may require.  The Baltic shall aim to resolve any formal complaint within 28 working days. If this cannot be met, then the resolution can be extended by an additional 14 working days.

Escalation of a formal complaint

A written response to a formal complaint will be provided to the Complainant by the Baltic Exchange. In the event that the Complainant disagrees with the decision, the issue will be escalated to the Baltic Exchange Council (BEC) for investigation.

The decision of the BEC shall be delivered within six months from the date of the formal complaint and shall be final. The Complainant shall be notified of the outcome without undue delay following the meeting of the BEC at which such decision was taken.


Anybody who believes that market manipulation is taking place, or is aware of an incident that should be investigated, we encourage you to alert the Baltic immediately and in confidence using any of the following methods:

Send an email with to: [email protected]; or

Send a typed report in a sealed envelope posted to:
Relevant Prescribed Person, Benchmark Whistleblowing,
The Baltic Exchange Ltd,
38 St Mary Axe,
London EC3A 8EX
United Kingdom

You can find out more about Whistleblowing and how the Baltic handles these cases in the Guide to Market Benchmarks, section 12.