Indices and Benchmarks

The Baltic is the administrator of the indices and benchmarks provided in Appendix 1 of the Guide to Market Benchmarks (GMB). All use of the Baltic indices and benchmarks are subject to a valid subscription or licence.


Market Report and Fixtures

The Baltic provides a wide range of useful maritime market information and fixture reports. Access to maritime information and reports is subject to a valid membership, subscription or licence.


Membership and Types of License

The Baltic has in a place a variety of structures intended to meet your needs and level of service required in order to obtain Baltic’s comprehensive information service. These include;

  • Membership: the Baltic provides a variety of membership options
  • License or subscription: The Baltic has in place a variety of licence structures to meet your business needs and market data that you require. The Baltic also provides, in certain circumstances, a redistribution licence.
  • Full details are contained within our Data Policy and terms and conditions.

To find out more about becoming a member or paying for a licence or subscription, please contact [email protected]


Access to Market Data

The Baltic has in place a variety of ways in which users can access our published market data. This includes:


On our website

Registered users can login to their account and access current and/or historic market data. The Baltic provides a variety of mechanisms to export and present the market data you require



Users are able to enable email access to the Baltic market data. This can be done on the profile settings of a users account.


Mobile app

The Baltic has launched its mobile app with enables users to have access to our market data. Access via a mobile app requires registration.