Freightos Baltic Container Index (FBX)

The daily FBX Container Index, in partnership with Freightos, reflects the spot rates for 40-foot containers on 12 tradelanes. It provides the market with a credible and fully transparent reference point and is based on the world’s largest global database of freight rates using real-time data from logistics providers. 

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  • Rolling short term Freight All Kind (FAK) spot tariffs and related surcharges
  • Suitable for index linked contracts
  • Covers 80% of global container trade
  • Historical data from 2016

Index Linking with FBX

Using FBX for more efficient physical contracting

Baltic Exchange White Paper

Using FBX to manage freight rate volatility

FBX Index

FBX00 - Global Container Index

FBX01 - China/East Asia to North America
FBX02 - North America West Coast to China/East Asia
FBX03 - China/East Asia to North America East Coast
FBX04 - North America East Coast to China/East Asia
FBX11 - China/East Asia to North Europe
FBX12 - North Europe to China/East Asia
FBX13 - China/East Asia to Mediterranean
FBX14 - Mediterranean to China/East Asia
FBX21 - North America East Coast to Europe
FBX22 - Europe to North America East Coast
FBX24 - Europe to South America East Coast
FBX26 - Europe to South America West Coast