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The Baltic Air Freight Indices (BAI) reflect weekly transactional rates for general cargo as provided by freight forwarders.

The data includes a headline index - the BAI Index – a weighted average of the 17 underlying destination basket routes, as well as six outbound indices – a weighted average of the destination baskets from each of the six origin airports. 

The data is produced the governance of Baltic Exchange Information Services, with TAC Index acting as the Calculating Agent.

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Uncompromised view of air freight market

$/kg pricing

Outbound London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Chicago, Shanghai & Singapore

Baltic Air Freight Indices (BAI): powered by TAC data

BAI-FRA00 - Frankfurt Outbound Index
BAI-HKG00 - Hong Kong Outbound Index
BAI-LHR00 - London Heathrow Outbound Index
BAI-ORD00 - O'Hare Int'l, Chicago Outbound Index
BAI-PVG00 - Shanghai Pudong Outbound Index
BAI-SIN00 - Singapore Outbound Index
BAI-FRA02 - Frankfurt to North America
BAI-FRA03 - Frankfurt to South East Asia
BAI-FRA04 - Frankfurt to USA
BAI-FRA05 - Frankfurt to China
BAI-HKG01 - Hong Kong to Europe
BAI-HKG02 - Hong Kong to North America
BAI-HKG03 - Hong Kong to South East Asia
BAI-HKG04 - Hong Kong to USA
BAI-LHR02 - London Heathrow to North America
BAI-LHR03 - London Heathrow to South East Asia
BAI-LHR04 - London Heathrow to USA
BAI-ORD01 - O'Hare Int'l, Chicago to Europe
BAI-ORD03 - O'Hare Int'l, Chicago to South East Asia
BAI-PVG01 - Shanghai Pudong to Europe
BAI-PVG02 - Shanghai Pudong to North America
BAI-PVG04 - Shanghai Pudong to USA
BAI-SIN03 - Singapore to South East Asia