The Capesize market had the wind in its sails as rates jumped in all regions. The 5TC ended the week at $32,733, a rise of 8731 week on week. While the Shanghai Covid situation continues to hamper vessel movements across all sectors, the Capesize market appears able to push as good tonnage demand comes from Brazil and Australia. The C5 West Australia to China route now sits at $15.077 - and the C3 Brazil to China route at $34.64 - both just off their high attained on Thursday for the year. These voyage levels equate to C14 Brazil China ballast of $31,050 and C10 Transpacific of $37,792. The Backhaul C16 continues to amaze and disrupt, settling the week at $28,500, over $5,000 above the Transatlantic C8, with some suggesting this is the new fronthaul route. This high valuation continues to be largely driven by coal demand to Europe as energy prices remain at high levels.


It was a mixed week on the BPI. After a positive start, activity and sentiment softened at close. In the North Atlantic an 80,000-dwt open Spain fixed a trip North Coast South America to Saudi Arabia with redelivery Skaw-Passero at $28,000. A 85,000-dwt open Jorf Lasfar fixed via North Coast South America to India at $45,000. In East Coast South America activity slowed, but a 81,000-dwt fixed from Recalada to South East Asia at $27,500 plus a ballast bonus of $1,750,000. In the Pacific, activity remained positive with a 82,000-dwt fixing from China via North Pacific USA back to Singapore-Japan Range at $27,000. A 85,000-dwt fixed from North China via East Coast Australia. Period has also been active with 82,000-dwt open in the Persian Gulf fixing for nine to 12 months with worldwide redelivery at $29,000. A 82,000-dwt open in China was fixed for six to eight months at around $31,000.


A rather positional week with mixed sentiment in many areas. The Atlantic saw a slight correction in the US Gulf as rates eased, whilst more enquiry was heard from the South Atlantic as the week closed. From Asia, better levels were seen generally. However, a lack of coal imports from Indonesia to China tempered rates. Period activity remained but most activity was kept under the radar. A 63,000-dwt open Turkey was fixed 10-12 months trading at around $30,000. Pressure eased from the US Gulf and a 56,000-dwt was fixed for a transatlantic run redelivery East Mediterranean at $40,000. Elsewhere, a 58,000-dwt open West Africa fixed a trip to China at $35,000. From Asia there was limited activity, but a 56,000-dwt open Indonesia fixed a trip to Thailand at $24,500. Good levels were seen in the Indian Ocean with a 55,000-dwt fixing a trip delivery South Africa to the Far East in the low $30,000s plus mid $600,000 ballast bonus.


The BHSI remained positive in general. However, the US Gulf made significant negative moves as a 38,000-dwt fixed from the US Gulf to Spain with an intended cargo of coal at $30,000. A 36,000-dwt also fixed from Savannah to the UK–Continent range with an intended cargo of woodpellets at $30,000. A 37,000-dwt was fixed for a trip from Houston to the Eastern Mediterranean with an intended cargo of petcoke at $35,000. East Coast South America appears to have reached a ceiling at present with levels stabilising and a 30,000-dwt fixing from Itaqui to the Black Sea excluding Russia and the Ukraine at $35,000. A 36,000-dwt was rumoured to have fixed from Recalada to West Coast South America at $52,000. In Asia a 38,000-dwt open China was fixed for a minimum of four to about six months at $36,500 and a 38,000-dwt open in South Korea fixed for three to five months at $35,500.