Firmer sentiment across both basins pushed the Capesize 5TC route average above the $20,000 threshold this week, closing at $24,209. Activity in the Pacific gradually picked up midweek after a public holiday in Singapore on Monday. The West Australia to Qingdao iron ore trade climbed closer to $11, with fixtures reported at better rates towards the end of the week. Meanwhile, the market saw a lowering of vessels in ballast able to make end July dates - or even early August - loading in Brazil. Quite a few cargoes from Brazil and West Africa were fixed to Qingdao, with a China-Brazil round trip paying nearly $20,000 per day. In the North Atlantic, rates roared on both transatlantic and fronthaul trips. The latter remained as the most rewarding route pricing at $53,611 to perform a run from Continent/Mediterranean to the Far East.



The Panamax market provided further losses this week and is showing little signs of abating. Despite a steady level of activity, this failed to stem the tide with both basins yielding significant losses. The Atlantic saw rates erode for a further successive week, as pressure from the nearby and committed ships continued to underpin the market. From East Coast South America, the focus this week was on end July arrival with APS load port rates now hovering around the $20,000 + $1,000,000 mark, but continued to ease throughout the week. Asia similarly witnessed another week of falls. Again a lack of demand on the longer round trips added further pressure to an already weak market. There were reports midweek of a 75,000-dwt delivery Japan achieving $16,000 for a NoPac round trip, but activity remained light as the market drifted. Like previous weeks, older and smaller units tended to soak up much of the limited Indonesia demand.



Sentiment waned in most areas, with the exception being from the US Gulf. Rates remained relatively firm from there for both runs to the Pacific and within the Atlantic. Limited fresh enquiry elsewhere saw a build up of tonnage leading to downward pressure on rates. Little period cover was heard, but a 64,000-dwt open China was heard to have been covered $24,000 for one year. In the Atlantic, from East Coast South America, a 63,000-dwt was heard fixed at $18,000 plus $800,000 ballast bonus for a trip to China. From the US Gulf a 58,000-dwt was heard fixed delivery SW Pass redelivery Turkey in the mid $30,000s. There was a good supply of prompt tonnage in the Asian arena, with a 56,000-dwt open Indonesia now seeing in the low $20,000s for trips to China. Backhaul demand eased as well. However, a 63,000-dwt open Dafeng mid-July was heard fixed via Taiwan redelivery Continent with steels at around $30,000.



East Coast South America made positive gains over the week with sources citing a lack of tonnage for end July as the main driving force. A 38,000-dwt was heard to have been fixed for a trip from South Brazil via River Plate to Morocco at $30,000. A 28,000-dwt open in Rio Grande fixed via River Plate to Greece at $22,000. The Mediterranean was also more active. A 35,000-dwt fixed from Canakkale via Black Sea to Tunisia at $16,000, whilst a smaller unit fixed a similar trip from Marmaras in the mid teens. In Asia, activity had been limited and sentiment remained soft. A 38,000-dwt was rumoured to have been fixed for a trip from CJK via Indonesia to Japan at $21,000 and a 40,000-dwt fixed from Lanshan via Japan to New Zealand at $15,000 with a cargo of cement.